The Black Sea In Romania!

The Black Sea Coast stretches out for 244km/153 miles and is the main tourist area of Romania. It has fine, soft sand and safe, gently sloping beaches. The water of the Black Sea has a low salinity in comparison with other inland seas (only 17%) and there is a virtual absence of tides and currents. On most days during the summer the sea is calm.The entire complex of sand, air, sun and water is a beneficial one. The Black Sea houses sturgeons and dolphins and there are no dangerous species.
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Mamaia beach , seaside in Romania.

Mamaia beach , seaside in Romania, we spent many a childhood summer here.

Mamaia beach

Black Sea, Exploring, Nature, Romania

Morning Storm

Black Sea, Mother Nature, Romania, Storms, Beautiful Places, Thunderstorms

Costinești, Constanța /// Romania

Black Sea, Romania

Romanian Seaside - Neptun

Romanian Seaside - Neptun

The #Black #Sea , in Romania

The #Black #Sea , in Romania