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Nicole Gustafsson | lines and colors | Bloglovin’

Nicole Gustafsson (lines and colors)

Nicole Gustafsson is an illustrator based in the Pacific Northwest of the U. whose richly colored images of enchanted forests lit by glowing prisms are painted in traditional media — often Acryla Go

letyoursoul: batbcomic: Possibly my favourite beauty and The Beast illustration ever. dustomancers: “Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont’s Beauty and the beast” by Mindy Lee for The Book Show. good lord this is gorgeous

ArtStation - My neighbor, Lê Long

Discover The Art of Lê Long, a artist currently Hikergames based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Iluq in her canoe by beavotron

I did a bit more work on my first painting of Iluq in the canoe, then I also finished a third. These three paintings are supposed to work as a little story so I put them all together.