zakhartong: “ DUNE To Train the Faithful In honor of Frank Herbert, here is the cover for Miles Greb and mine DUNE fan comic which is debuting at ECCC!

Walk without rhythym (artist unknown) Dune I have enjoyed the books of Dune for years and have always been disappointed that the remainder of the books weren't converted into film.

Dune and Doon by the same artist, Doug Beekman. If you haven’t read National Lampoon’s Doon, I highly recommend it for any Dune fan. It’s a book where the spice is beer, the worms are pretzels, the.

Here Are The Brand New Illustrations For Frank Herbert's "Dune"

Here Are The Brand New Illustrations For Frank Herbert's "Dune"

The Folio Society is doing the anniversary deluxe edition of Frank Herbert's Dune, created by Sam Weber.

He Is The Kwisatz Haderach by CarlosNCT on deviantART

The original name for this picture was "Because He Is The Kwisatz Haderach". Inspired in Dune. PRINT: [link] He Is The Kwisatz Haderach

Well, not everything Dune, mostly just art inspired by Frank Herbert's six Dune books.

Lorenzo De Felici

Limited edition art print by Italian artist Lorenzo de Felici, part of the Jodorowsky's Dune project exhibition at the French Paper Gallery in Paris.