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In the world of remodeling, even the smallest details on the exterior and interior of your home can make a big make a huge impact. Get the latest inspiring…
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a bathroom with white towels on the rack and blue text that reads how to save time & money to remodel a bathroom 10 ideas you need to know
How to save time (and cost) to remodel a bathroom
🗣 DID YOU KNOW... one way to cut cost in your bathroom remodel is to stop using tile? It's true! Tile takes the longest to install and often you are paying an arm & a leg to get beautiful looking tile. The good news is there are excellent product substitutes for tile. To learn more, check out our latest blog! #homedesign #bathroomproducts #sustainableconstruction | Home Remodeling | bathroom Design Ideas | Bathroom Products
a man sitting on the floor next to a bathtub and shower with text that reads which types of shower pans are compatible with fibro laminate wall panels
What shower pans can you use with Fibo laminate shower surround panels?
Dive into the world of Fibo laminate shower surround panels and discover the versatility of compatible shower pans. From stylish InnovaStone solid surface low profile options to accessibility-friendly ramped fiberglass pans, find the perfect match for your bathroom. | Handicap accessible shower | Bathroom shower base | Remodeling shower base
the ultimate guide to the cost of an installed tub - to - shower conversion
Transform Your Bathroom: Cost and Pricing Guide for Tub to Shower Conversion.
Discover the ultimate guide to converting your tub to a shower! 🚿 Get insights on costs, pricing, and installation processes to revamp your bathroom space today. Click the link to learn more.| Innovate Building Solutions | Bathroom Remodel | Tub to shower conversion | Home Improvement Tips | Bathroom Remodeling Ideas | Tub Shower Tips | Shower Design Ideas | Bathroom Design Tips | Cleveland Home Remodel
bathroom features in your remodel or new home - blog post cover image for innovate
How to include the most popular bathroom features in your remodel or new home (even if your budget i
Upgrade your bathroom with the latest trends in mind! Discover the 7 most popular bathroom features you NEED in your bathroom that won’t break the budget. Ready to transform your bathroom? Click the link now! | Cleveland Ohio Remodel | Remodeling ideas | Bathroom Shower Design DIY | Green Bathroom design
a sign that says, learn how to compare an acrylic shower pan to a tile shower base
NEW BLOG - How to compare tile vs acrylic
Acrylic shower pans or tile shower bases? Which one to choose? If you're thinking about renovating your bathroom and can't decide between these two, we have the perfect article for you! Bathroom Renovation | Bathroom Design Ideas | Shower Ideas | #bathroomremodeling #bathroomtips #homeremodel #homerenovation
a man is holding onto the handle of a shower door with text overlay that reads, design the perfect age in place shower for your home
15 Insider Tips for a Safer, Simpler and Stylish Age in Place Shower
If the idea of an ‘age in place shower’ DOES NOT create a vision of a bathroom you’re excited to use, you’re not alone. But it doesn't need to be that way! 🛀 🚿 In this article we are going to show you that you can have a safe AND stylish age in place shower.... but only if you take advantage of these 15 insider tips! Click the link to unlock these tips. | Home Remodeling | Live in place | handicap accessible shower #showerdeisgn #homeremodelingtips #bathroomremodeling
a bathroom with the words how to include the most popular bathroom features in your remodel or new home
How to include the most popular bathroom features in your remodel or new home (even if your budget i
Discover the top bathroom features without breaking the bank! Learn how to include the most popular bathroom features in your remodel or new home (even if your budget isn’t crazy big). Make your dream bathroom a reality! 💫 | Bathroom Remodeling Ideas | Shower Design | Popular Bathroom Features | Cleveland Ohio Remodel
a bathroom with white towels on the bathtub and towel rack in front of it
How to save time (and cost) to remodel a bathroom
STOP! 🚨 Before you start remodeling your bathroom set aside just 10 minutes of your time to read our latest blog post! You'll learn about the 10 practical ways you can save time and cost on your next bathroom remodel. Click the link to start learning. #bathroomremodeling #homeremodelingideas #diybathroom | Tile Shower | Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes | Bathroom Design Ideas
a bathroom with white cabinets and tile floors, the words 15 practical ideas to cut costs of a tile shower
15 Practical Ideas to Cut Costs of A Tile Shower
Thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover? 💡 Discover 15 practical ideas to cut costs while still achieving a stunning tile shower or faux tile shower. Our blog post has all the details! | Innovate Building Solutions | Bathroom Design Ideas | North Ridgeville, OH #BathroomRenovation #BudgetFriendlyIdeas #Tileshower #Groutfreebathroom #BathroomRemodel
bathroom remodeling features how to include the most popular bathroom features on a budget
Pinterest Worthy Bathroom Remodel
Dreaming of a luxurious bathroom on a budget? Explore the popular budget-friendly bathroom features that will take your bathroom from dull to STUNNING. To learn more, click the link. | Innovate Building Solutions | Bathroom Remodeling Ideas | Shower Design | Pinterest Dream bathroom | White Bathroom Design
a woman is cleaning the garage floor with a mop
Mistakes to avoide when doing a garage floor project! | Columbus, OH
Is your garage in need of a makeover? 🤔 Learn from the mistakes of others (like our President, Mike) and ensure your decorative garage floor coating project goes off without a hitch! This blog post reveals valuable insights, expert advice, and important dos and don'ts to help you achieve a flawless garage transformation. Click the link to learn more. | Innovate Home Org | Columbus, OH Garage Storage Organization | Garage Storage Tips
a shower with the words how to fix your alcove tub shower problems on it
Does your shower pan squeak? Check out this blog!
We all know Halloween is around the corner, but no one wants their shower pan to squeak like a haunted house! If you are noticing this problem in your bathroom… it may be time to consider replacing it. To learn more about how to fix alcove tub/shower problems check out our latest blog! | Innovate Building Solutions | Bathroom Shower Pan | Bathroom Design In Cleveland, ohio
a shower with the words 15 insider tips for a safer and stylish shower
Age in Place with Style! Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Tricks
Why can’t your “age in place” shower have it all – safety, simplicity, and style? 🛀 As one of the experts in the bathroom products business, we will show you; you CAN have it all…. if you take advantage of the 15 tips in this blog post. Click the link to start learning! Stylish Bathroom | Bathroom Ideas for Aging in Place | Handicap Accessible Showers #bathroomdesigns #livinginplace #bathroomremodeling
Unleash your creativity and elevate your bathroom with stunning vanities, sinks, and tops.
Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of style and functionality with these stunning bathroom vanities, sinks, and tops from @innovatebuild! Elevate your space with timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship. #BathroomMakeover #HomeRenovation #InteriorDesignInspo"
a shower with the words how to compare walk - in shower systems when on a budget
Dreaming of a Spa-like Bathroom? READ THIS!
Say goodbye to cramped showers and hello to a spacious spa-like oasis! 🚿✨ Learn how to transform your bathroom with a walk-in shower design. Discover different floor options, glass door alternatives, and stunning interior shower surrounds. Get inspired today! | Innovate Building Solutions #BathroomSpa #BathroomMakeover #ClevelandOhio #ShowerDesign #GroutFreeWallPanels