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Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (2011-2016) #50 - Comics by comiXology

THE DYING OF THE LIGHT—PART 1! Since joining the Lost Light, MEGATRON has rejected everything that once made him the most feared and hated Cybertronian of all time. But penitence has a price, and before the ex-Decepticon can find true redemption he must first confront his darkest legacy—the Decepticon Justice Division.

2D Artwork: - Powermasters and Headmasters!

Just finished up a study of good ol Powermaster Op here, and realized I didn't post up Scorpy and the Horrocons. [IMG] [IMG]

Megatron (MP-36) - Reflector @ TFW2005

Megatron (MP-36) - Reflector @ TFW2005

MP-36+ Masterpiece Megatron Toy Deco Out of Box Pictures And Collector Coin

Due to come out any time now in Japan, we have a few early photos of the toy-based redeco of Masterpiece Megatron. MP-36+ loses some of the extra option parts the first MP-36 had, but replaces them for a new face sculpt, chromed parts, and some added color. Right now we just have out of package shots of the robot mode, but it's certainly an interesting contrast against the normal MP-36.


Cover by JASON PEARSON Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the robots with "more than meets the eye" collide! Symkaria and Latveria sit on an international powder keg, and Dr. Doom just lit the fuse! What do the Decepticons have to do with the escalating danger -- and can a group of warriors including Captain America, Optimus Prime, Wolverine, Prowl, Spider-Man and Ratchet avert Armageddon? Writer Stuart Moore (WOLVERINE) and artist Tyler Kirkham (X-MEN: PHOENIX-WARSONG) assemble and roll out two…

Megatron (MP-36) - Reflector @ TFW2005

Megatron (MP-36) - Reflector @ TFW2005

fighter by morgenty on DeviantArt

He is just awesome. And I can't keep myself from drawing him ._. fighter

Megatron (MP-36) - Reflector @ TFW2005

Megatron (MP-36) - Reflector @ TFW2005


I decided to use my new texture mapping skills on these older pieces which Ive combined into one. Megatron in his iconic 1986 animated film pose in whic... MEGATRON and GALVATRON