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Nikola Tesla - 1st Electric Car in 1918 That Regenerate Electricity from the Earth

The model T is the first car ever made. Just think of how many ways cars today are different then the model T. You couldn't even get this car in any color but black.

Shayton Equilibrium .....hmmm

The super sports car market is increasingly competitive. The newest member of this segment comes from Slovenia, the Shayton Equilibrium. The model has not yet been produced, but the car includes a central engine, capable of generating horse


Many designers seek inspiration in the initial stage of a project to get their creative juices flowing and/or to get updated with the latest trends in graphic design.

lamborghini aventador carbonado

Mansory Carbonado: Black Diamond Lamborghini Aventador Mansory Carbonado “Black Diamond” is a model based on the Lamborghini Aventador by Janny Dangerous