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My brain is like an internet browser: 17 tabs are open, 9 of them are not responding, thousands of popups and where the f*ck is that annoying music coming from?

INFJ Stress Help

INFJ and stress- super guilty.which is why we'd rather tolerate as much as possible. That's exactly it. When asked this question, I have no answers. But I'm adding this to my repitoire


Sometimes I feel like I'm thinking in Swedish without knowing Swedish. I feel drawn to this language and this country.l'm learning the language

<b>Cringe in the corner and feel really badly about yourself.</b>

16 Comics That Socially Nervous People Understand.Hmm quite a few of these are very familiar. I'm not socially nervous (can't be when you work with people everyday) but it's still funny :D -Predictably Unpredictable


however people undersell INTPs all the time, assuming their lack of desire to micromanage and dominate everyone is the same as a lack of desire to lead. Many of us love to lead.