Tokara & taiko

Tokara group performed on taiko (Japanese national drums) & caused general enthusiasm among the audience with their technique of performance.

Новогодний фейерверк в Праге

Новогодний фейерверк в Праге

New Year 2018.  Prague

Meeting the New Year in the center of Prague, on the embankment of the Vltava River. December at exactly midnight, there were amicable whistles fro.


The Japanese ensemble Tokara performs on taiko. Taiko - is translated as a drum. In Japan, the tradition of using is secretly rooted in antiquity.

Самый большой аквариум в ТРЦ "Океания"

The aquarium in the shopping and entertainment center "Oceania" is the largest of all shopping centers in Moscow and in Europe.

Бабочки.  Жизнь.  Польза

Бабочки. Жизнь. Польза

Чешская Масленица

Чешская Масленица

Японский традиционный танец "Одори"

Japanese traditional dances, including dances of peasants are very ritual and for the European look are rather not clear and unusual. They involve the moveme.

Пражский ноябрь

Prague's autumn in November is bright, uniquely beautiful. Foliage in city parks, gardens and on the streets are pleasing with a multicolored color.

Как укрепить пластырь

Advice on how to strengthen the plaster on the damaged finger of the hand. Use better as shown in the video, then the patch will hold and you can flex your f.

Потрясающая инсталляция в Праге

The authors of the stunning installation in Prague Boris Vitazek and Zuzana Sabova from Bratislava. The projection was demonstrated for 4 days in the frames .

Фестиваль света в Праге

In Prague, a festival of light. At the annual show the authors of different countries brought their work. Audiovisual studio Barcelona Playmodes has presente.

Световое шоу в Праге

In Prague, a light show (videomapping and various installations) takes place as part of the annual light festival.

Chen Gang "The Sun Shines Over Tashkurgan"

Chen Gang is a Chinese composer. "The Sun Shines Over Tashkurgan" - performed by violinist Michael Jelden. The concert "Gypsy Soul" was held on June

Театр Кабуки

Kabuki is a Japanese traditional theater. One of the types of national art, which includes music, dance and dramatic plot.

Традиционное создание японской картины

Japanese traditional art creation of paintings, calligraphic painting goes back to the aesthetics and practice of Zen Buddhism. Japanese painting is characte.