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Painel da fachada Tectiva / Equitone | ArchDaily Materiais

EQUITONE's facade panel [tectiva] is a through coloured facade material. Every EQUITONE panel is unique, showing the raw texture of the eternit fibre cement .

L02CR House / ARQX Architects

Built by ARQX Architects in Porto, Portugal The broken shape of the plot, as well as legal contingency, brought some difficulty to the implantation decision.

Translucent Stone Facade - Bajo Martin County / Magén Arquitectos

glowing stone like bineke library in reverse. Administrative Regional Center for the Development of Local Alabaster in Hijar, Spain by Magen Arquitectos.

Medieval Museum in Waterford / Waterford City Council Architects "The objective was to design a building that would strengthen the characteristic of the historic tissue while, at the same time, creating something new and contrasting with the existing architecture."- the architect

Built by Waterford City Council Architects in Waterford, Ireland with date Images by Philip Lauterbach. Waterford Medieval Museum is a new architectural landmark and major visitor destination in the Southeast of Ireland.