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Survival fishing

Trigger Snare Modified For Fishing. This would be hilarious! Fish flying everywhere. For you sothern folk the original yo-yo fish hook

How to Build a Trap: 15 Best Survival Traps | Outdoor Life ...pretty good line-up, but too many variations in my opinion. I would suggest just getting very good with making an effective figure-4 and snare set, then expand your baseline knowledge from there if desired.

How To Build Outdoor Traps This is great in case you ever find yourself lost for a long period of time in the woods. It can't hurt learning how to do Some traps.

Cool, survival snow tent..Easy peasy!

Knowing how to build a shelter is a survival skill that can come in handy. Get tips here on how to build a shelter and watch survival story videos.

Jig for glueing miter joints- good for picture frames.

Jig helping align and tighting an angle joint together. The jig is called, "Miter Joint Corner Clamp.