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a glass filled with ice and cinnamon sitting on top of a wooden cutting board next to a
11 Peanut Butter Whiskey Cocktails You’ll Be Nuts About!
a man pouring red liquid into a jar filled with ice cubes
Cherry Kool-Aid Lemonade Punch!
pineapple and vodka slush in jars on a plate
Pineapple Vodka Slushes
Pineapple Vodka Slushes from ChaosServedDaily.com ,,,a delicious and simple recipe that quenches a crowd's thirst!
the best oatmeal cookie shot recipe with cookies and liquor in the background
Oatmeal Cookie Shot
A shot that tastes like an Oatmeal Cookie? What a treat! This Oatmeal Cookie Shot is made with Baileys, Fireball, and Butterscotch Schnapps and is the perfect after-dinner delight.
lemon drop shots with sugar on the rim
Easy Vodka Lemon Drop Shots (3 ingredients)
Fun shots for any party, these Easy Vodka Lemon Drop Shots with a granulated sugar rim are a fresh and festive treat that's ready in minutes!
Long Island Iced Tea Recipe!
Raspberry Lemon Whiskey Infused Sweet Tea Recipe!
Tropical Champagne 🥂
5min · 1 serving Ingredients • 1 oz grenadine • 2 oz Coconut Rum • 1/4 c Mango/Pineapple Juice • top with Prosecco
Surprise Kool Aid and Vodka
Raspberry Lemon Mimosas
Sparkle up your brunch with this refreshing Raspberry Lemon Mimosa recipe! 🍋🍹 Bursting with fruity flavors, it's the perfect way to elevate your weekend gatherings. Cheers to sunshine sips and delightful moments! ☀️🥂
several glasses filled with different types of drinks sitting on a shelf next to each other
Outdoor Wedding Ideas, Backyard Wedding Grass Wall Display, Wedding Champagne Wall for Rent
the ultimate backyard pizza party on pinterest is going to be an appetizer
The Ultimate Backyard Pizza Party
the lemon drop martini is served in a coupe glass
Limoncello Lemon Drop Martini (4 Ingredients)
I am obsessed with this lemon drop martini cocktail recipe. It's so easy for my friends and I to whip up a batch for our parties. This recipe only requires 4 ingredients and the flavor is SO delicious - the perfect balance of sweet and tart.
two glasses filled with lemonade tonic and rosemary garnish on the rims
Limoncello Tonic
Limoncello Tonic! An easy and refreshing limoncello cocktail that you are going to want to sip on all summer long! | www.mapleandmango.com
Easy Refreshing Limoncello Spritz
The perfect summer cocktail for lemon lovers, this quick and easy Limoncello Spritz is made of 3 simple ingredients. Because it is bubbly, refreshing and sweet, it's wonderful for summer parties, BBQ's, bridal showers, etc. Also, a delicious way to enjoy the classic Italian liqueur, Limoncello. #LimoncelloCocktails #LimoncelloSpritz #LimoncelloSpritzWithProsecco #LimoncelloSpritzRecipe #SpritzCocktail #LemoncelloRecipeDrinks
there is a pink drink with a spoon in it and the words, french kiss
a person is holding a margarita drink with limes on the rim and a pineapple in the background
TikTok · Yellowbellykelly
#ad The perfect summer drink! 🌴 This Key Lime Pie Margarita will tran... | blue chair bay | TikTok
there is a dessert with chocolate and cream on it
Snicker Licker Martini
the frenchy cocktail is made with vodka, pineapple cranberry and orange juice
The Frenchy #SundaySupper ⋆ Books n' Cooks
an empty martini glass next to bottles of booze and ginger syrup on a marble countertop
Easy Salted Caramel Martini For Dessert In A Glass
two glasses filled with chocolate coconut rum cocktail
Chocolate Coconut Cocktail
someone holding up a drink in their hand with the caption ask for a 3
margarita by the gallon on top of a counter with limes and oranges in the background
Margarita By The Gallon
a bottle of champagne next to a martini glass
an advertisement for buttered toffee is shown on the screen, with information about it
three glasses filled with different types of drinks
Salted Caramel Shooters Cocktail Recipe
an alcoholic drink and some liquor bottles on a table
Tiramisu Martini - The Cookin Chicks
three desserts with pretzels on the table
Caramel Creme Brulee White Russian | 3 Yummy Tummies
a poster advertising cherry tootsie pop
Pocket Cocktails | Home
Wino, Grog, Mezcal
the butternut rum lifesaver recipe is displayed on a tabletop with information about it
Butter Rum Lifesaver
two glasses filled with liquid sitting on top of a table
Kahlua Mudslides
Kahlua Mudslides
a glass filled with ice and lime on top of a table
Winter Recipe: The Nor’easter Cocktail
pineapple and coconut margarita in a glass with the words pineapple and coconut margarita
How to Make the Painkiller Cocktail, a Vacation in a Glass
This Pineapple and Coconut Margarita is a unique twist on the classic Margarita. It's an easy to make cocktail that's perfect for any summer party.