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a sign that says wish a neighborhood on top of a hill with an oil rig in the background
| ig: @dobriin|
an old movie poster for the gayly deceivers starring actors from left to right
The Gay Deceivers (Bruce Kessler, America, 1969)
the gay deceivers movie poster with two men in uniform and one pointing up
three women sitting at a table with wine glasses and bread in front of their faces
tasha & zoë kravitz <3
four women in dresses with the words girl friends
Girlfriends (American TV series) - Wikipedia
a movie poster with two men standing next to each other
May 26, 1993: Jive Records releases “Menace II Society” (Soundtrack)
a movie poster with a woman wearing a black hat and braids on her hair
Poetic Justice Inspired Braids
Lynn Whitfield, Whitfield, Lynn, Great Movies, The Best Films, Jackson
Eve's Bayou (1997)
the movie set off is shown with three women in front of a city street at night
Set It Off (1996) ⭐ 6.9 | Action, Crime, Drama
a woman sitting on the ground with a child
13 Images of Southern Style Inspiration from Eve’s Bayou - Black Southern Belle