Most Caffeinated Metropolis - Andrea Langley

Infographic I constructed by hand out of coffee beans and coffee grounds to portray the highest coffee-consuming cities in America.

The Four Seasons - Infographic

Black music notes sprinkled across a white page have their own beauty deeply rooted in tradition and history. However, I am always intrigued by news ways to visualize music – particularly with colour. Designer Laia Clos, of Barcelona's .

The Paper Pie Chart - Alexandra Muresan

Alexandra Muresan: The Paper Pie Chart; various paper products such as tissue, cardboard, writing paper, and newsprint are used in corresponding amounts to make a pie chart representing the breakdown of paper production in the united states in 2000

Water Usage and Fast Food - Matteo Giuseppe Pani

5 Infographics That Brilliantly Visualize Food Data Using Real Objects

The Greek Tangle - Raj Kamal

The Greek debt crisis sent ripples throughout European financial markets and the rest of the world. This infographic shows the financial threads conn

Infographic - Jan Hilken

Be part of the art! Infographic-Guideline-Comic by Jan Human Made, via Behance