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Steampunk Christmas

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Prometheus by on @deviantART
Steampunk Style Sculpture and Design from Monster Kookies | Heart Handmade Blog
Creates amazing steampunk-ish Industrialized Creatures etc. out of polymer clay.

Steampunk Halloween

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Each little glass bottle is 2-inches high or less, and contains real, vintage watch parts (gears, springs, etc) topped off by broken clock parts and/or vintage brass fittings. The "labels" are real...

Boxes, bottles and jars

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printables and papercrafts

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New line from Teresa Collins, Vintage Finds.
Engraver Chipboard Pieces

craft equipment

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Party Ideas

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The top of this skirt is pure awesome.


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DIY Goggle PDF Tutorial Patterns Aviator Costume Goggles How to make goggle sets for dolls or people costumes. via Etsy.


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$1 Steampunk Pressure Gauge
Edible Chocolate Gears >> Available in both silver and gold, they’re almost too cool to eat. Offered in different quantities (they can get pretty pricey) the size of the gears range from .25″ round up to 1.5″ round and are made with Fair Trade Organic Chocolate and just a few other ingredients.


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17 Stories Vintage Gear Taper 5 Piece Metal Candlestick Set
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Steampunk pocket watch necklace


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four different types of light bulbs hanging from strings in various shapes and sizes, all gold
Svart-Stina - Luftballonger av gamla glödlampor
there are many different types of ornaments on the table
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there are many different types of brass objects in this box
kruki99 Steampunk Obfuscation Devices MK1 Mk2 001
an old trunk is decorated with gears and other things
Project: Steampunk Box
an old trunk sitting on top of a wooden table next to a vase and other items
Retro Inspiracje: Metaliczna skrzynia / Retro Inspirations: Metallic chest
Costumes, Couture, Cosplay, Retro, Upcycling
Tikystore | Etsy
Gothic Jewellery, Larp, Vintage, Steampunk Jewelry
Fantasyart by Sandy Knijf
Steampunk Hat, Top Hat, Hatter
Art & Design:
an old metal briefcase with gears attached to it