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there are many different types of wine corks in the palm of someone's hand
Scrolls | erickav
three different views of plastic wrapped bottles on the same table, one is white and the other is black
How to Make Halloween Mixed Media Bottles DIY
If you are new to mixed media, this technique is so creative. You can use items that you have laying around your home to decorate just about anything. I have only been using this technique for a few months and I am totally addicted. You would think you need to be very artistic, but surprisingly you don’t. I was told in school to give up art class because I did not have an eye for art, and I can do them. Saying that I only took art class because I thought it would be easy and I would n…
three bottles with skulls sitting on top of them
Throwback Halloween Decor DIY These... - Apple Blossom Way
Throwback Halloween Decor DIY These... - Apple Blossom Way
there are many decorative vases on the table
“PremiereDesign” on Etsy
an image of glass bottles that are before and after being used to make soaps
Quick Craft: Fairy Skeleton Candle
a glass jar with a candle inside sitting on a table
dragon eye storm lamp 01 by Luna-cuteXD on DeviantArt
several decorative vases sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other and one has a bird perched on it
Imaginarium Designs
there is a bottle with an image on it sitting next to a netted cloth
Tutorial Sea Decorated Bottle - DT Dusty Attic
an old bottle with moss growing out of it
Altered Art Bottle - Mystical Forest Stories by Kerstin
a bottle with a house on it is covered in snowflakes and pine cones
Altered Art Bottle - Winter Magic by Kerstin
a bottle with moss growing out of it sitting on a table
Altered Art Bottle - Mystical forest stories
many different types of paper with flowers and labels on them, all in different colors
DIY Vintage Apothecary Jar Labels!