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Scalloped Potato Roll
Scalloped Potato Roll
four different types of pies on top of each other with the same topping in them
Chrysanthemum Pastries
La carne picada (cerdo, ternera) - 500 g Cebollas - 1 PC. 1 diente de ajo Agua - 100 ml. Pollo cubito de caldo - 1 hr. L. Queso - 140 g Mantequilla - '30 Sal, pimienta roja y negro - al gusto. Para la masa: Leche - 125 ml. Kefir - 125 ml. levadura seca - 1 paquete (7 g) De azúcar - 1 cucharada. l. Sal - 1 hr. L. Huevo - 1 PC. De harina - 500 g El aceite vegetal - 6 cucharadas. -
four dog paw shaped breads on a cooling rack with donuts in the background
Cheese and cat footprints Focaccia
there are many different types of food in the pans on this table, including muffins and cupcakes
30 Super Fun Breakfast Ideas Worth Waking Up For
Estas pequeñas tazas de desayuno son perfectos para servir a una multitud, puede omitir o añadir diferentes ingredientes para una buena variedad.
the cover of hungarian pancakes with sweet fillings, apricot jam, sweetened cottage cheese
Hungarian Pancake (Palacsinta) Recipe - Culinary Hungary
Traditional Hungarian pancake (palacsinta). There are several things you can fill the palacsinta with, like apricot, vanilla or chocolate pudding, ground walnut, or cocoa powder. Hungarian pancakes are thin, similar to French crepes. Click for the recipe.
the process of making donuts with doughnut holes in them and then rolled into buns
In the Real Three Little Pigs, the wolf acte the first two piggies. Be th ebig bad wolf! For older kids talk about Socialism and how the first two piggies thought "Big Brother" would save them.
there are several different pictures with food items in the same photo, including buns and doughnuts
Leuk, deze konijnenbroodjes! Mooie traktatie voor scholen/creches/opvang waar zoet niet mag.
the process of making an egg sandwich is shown in three different pictures, including bread and eggs
Tostadas con huevo y queso rallado