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Rodelas a Preto e

Stacked by Matt Chase: maintaining your own coin pile. i like this wallpaper as it has a good repeat pattern and i like the illusion of the coins

Gorgeous textural pieces inspired by nature - I actually would like to try making something like these out of other materials.  Maybe Sculpey, Paint medium, Fabric.. I love the idea of simple monochromatic textural pieces for the wall

Gorgeous textures in clay handmade by artist Heather Knight. These wall tiles are each individually made by Heather. Available on Element Clay’s website or Oracle Jr’s favorite shoppi…

NASA A7L spacesuit pre-flight CT scan

"A pre-flight CT scan of a NASA spacesuit, the type of suit worn during the Apollo missions.two pieces of art: the suit and the CT scan.amazing technology on both ends of the process.