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Redesign Ui Design

I am sharing with you this week's last UI design practice. The topic of the day was redesign. This is my spin on Hangouts chat box.

Verification Code Ui Design

The topic for today was verification code. Feel free to share thoughts on how can this be improved!

Contacts Ui Design

Here is a contacts screen I designed today for practice. I am not very happy with the letters list on the side, but didn't came anything better to my mind. What do you think about.

Stroked Illustration Ui Design

I am sharing with you today's practice. The topic was stroked illustration. i don't have to much skills for illustrating, but I am pretty happy with .

Quote Ui Design

Here is this week's last ui practice. Today's topic was to design a quote. Tagore has many great and inspiring quotes, but this one I found to be true and applicable for everyday li.

Hover State UI Design

Quick practice for hover state ui design.

Giveaway Ui Design

This is the first design I did for the UI challenge this week that I am satisfied with. what do you guys think about it? The topic was giveaway

100 Daily Ui Landing Page

100 Daily Ui Landing Page

Mobile Menu Ui Design

Yesterday I finished the 100 days of UI challenge, but I decided to continue it, but this time I will be focusing on different font combinations and colors.

Movie Card Ui Design

This is my second font practice on a movie card. What do you guys think of it?