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like me — heaven-ly-mind: Shadow Illusion

"Oopth...weft my paw in too wong."

1 - Brown Bear Cub Likes to Play With Peace of Ice


Brown Bear Cub Playing in the Snow Photo:by Sergey Ivanov

#black #bear singing... the woods are alive with the sound of music!!! LOVE BEARS..Jan Bigelow

Black bear singing in the woods!

Grizzly Close-Up by Brice Petit

radivs: 'Grizzly Close-up' by Brice Petit - landscapes & nature

blazepress:  Photo byCori Conz.

the unbearable lightness of huckabeing

It's no wonder so many different peoples at so many different times regarded bears highly in their myths and legends. Some even thought they were as close to human beings as anything in the animal kingdom. Just look at those eyes!

ternpest: “ (via / Snowy Alaskan Brown Bear by Kyle Moffat) ”

A painting or photoshopped? It's so beautiful, I have to hand it to the artist from whichever technique they used, digitized pen or paint brush.

by Peter Holme III [bear and rainbow]

Bear Country: North America's Grizzly, Black and Polar Bears by Steve Kazlowski

Three grizzly cubs waiting for mom and fishing in the park in Alaska. (Steven Kazlowski / Barcroft Media) The Three Bears !