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How to draw lips Reference upper and lower lip

How to draw lips Reference upper and lower lip

Religion has no hope of survival within a society of people free to use rationality. It is time for the religious ideas to be held to the same standards as all other ideas. Let's see how well they hold up then.

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No matter the time period he's bat shit crazy

Cause the story is in the Bible, people excuse the fact that the character was a violent schizophrenic (as were many other Biblical "heroes" who displayed symptoms for that and other severe mental illnesses and disorders).

#The Bible, written by men. #Misogyny #sexist

Bible written by men. First and foremost, the Hebrew Bible understands adultery as a crime of property. - An Introduction to the Hebrew Bible- A Thematic Approach. (Adultery = consent, Rape does NOT)

Plus he's obviously been to school as he can talk in sentences now...

I think it get 's even funnier if you know the theory that the hulk at the beginning is a child from another dimension and that he aged. so for me the hulk on the left is a child and the one on the left is a preteen Hulk or even a young adult