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Bogdan Barbulescu

Bogdan Barbulescu
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Banyan Tree Bonsai

The ancient Japanese art of Bonsai creates a miniature version of a fully grown tree through careful potting, pruning and training. Even if you& not zen enough to labour over your own Bonsai,.

Women At Work During World War II

life: “ A welder at a boat-and-sub-building yard adjusts her goggles before resuming work, October, By women comprised well over a third of the civilian labor force (in it was closer.

Awesome! Honda CB550 Brat Style by Federal Moto - Photos by Dong Kim #bratstyle #honda #motorcycles |

This 1975 Honda is not your typical CB cafe racer. It’s probably one of the fastest vintage Hondas we’ve ever seen.

DeSoto Adventurer II - Why did DeSoto go out of business with cars like this at least in the planning stages?

1954 DeSoto Adventurer II The design of the rear of the car is similar to that of the front. It is bumperless and the paired exhaust outlets exit through a pod mounted directly beneath the taillights.


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