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Cucuteni Trypillian culture  .

The ‘Supreme Ultimate’ diagram of Taoism, the Taijitu of Yin and Yang dates back in China to around a coupke of thousands years ago, yet its origins can be found much earleir in the cultures of Cuc…

El arte de Ruben Reveco: "La Virgen del velo": Transparencia esculpida en el mármol

wonderwarhol: “ Child Bride, by Philippe Faraut “ This sculpture was created to bring social awareness to the plight of the 15 million girls who are married each year before the age of This young girl’s expression of fear is barely hidden.

Perseus With The Head Of Medusa Photograph - Perseus With The Head Of Medusa by Zinvolle Art

Perseus With the Head of Medusa by Zinvolle - by Benvenuto Cellini. Photo taken in Florence, Italy. Another statue of Medusa vs Perseus myth. This statue depicts when Perseus beheaded medusa as told in the Ovid.