I really really like this little climber. Wall Climber Outdoor Light… stick…

What fun! The hand is a hook and I just love the way the sculpture is carrying a lamp up the wall. Read the story behind the climbing figures. Metal Sculpture by Herefordshire based artist Alan Ross

Художественная ковка | VK

Not necessarily made out of metal, but I want to make a pathway with twisted, wonky, fantasy-type lamp posts.


Cozy lanterns on a windowsill, with winter landscape seen through the window

The Alps, Switzerland

SEASONAL – WINTER – a new-fallen snow appears so peaceful along this path lit with a snow lantern in the alps of switzerland, photo via wiesbaden.

Winter lights

Winter snows and candle glows;, all caught up in a lantern with care, create a feeling of genuine warmth long after the holidays and seasonal joy.