Vanilla White Resin Stacking Skinny Ring Gold Flakes by daimblond

This skinny very thin ivory vanilla white faceted semitransparent ring is made from high quality eco resin. The ring contains sparkled imitation yellow gold flakes. This resin ring is perfect for stacking. My resin jewellery is cast in handmade by me sili

Birthstone Fire Opal Heart Ring

Birthstone Fire Opal Heart Ring

Stunning, one-of-a-kind Opal Heart rings Eight beautiful colors refract through a genuine Opal stone Lovingly plated with premium black Rhodium Free

Saturday stacks and braids. #catbirdstacks

You are definitely able to stack your jewelry. These new kinds of jewelry have gotten more and more popular during the last few decades, particularly amongst younger fashion conscious individuals.

Minimal, but strong. Add the Thick Stacking Ring to your collection today.

Thick Stacking Ring

The thick stacker was a last minute addition to our collection, and we already can’t imagine life without it. Stack this ring or wear it solo, above the knuckle or below, this solid gold piece is as v

This is a large, four-loop version of my popular Wraparound ring! This ring makes a gorgeous, delicate and minimalist cocktail ring.  This noticeable, trend-setting ring is made of thin, lightly hammered 14K gold filled metal. I wrap a long length of 14K Gold-fill around four times and securely solder it around back. Then I lightly hammered the ring for a bright, reflective shine.  The beauty of this ring lies in its organic shape. I can never create the same wrapped effect twice, which…

Large Gold Wrap ring gold fill wraparound ring by hannahnaomi Supernatural Style