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a group of soccer players standing on top of a field
Champions League 23/24 🔥
a soccer player with his arm in the air
Joao Felix ❤️💙
three thumbs up and two thumbs down, with different logos on the side of them
a person in white lab coat holding up a red and blue blood bag with the word ecb on it
Está en la sangre!
barca barcelona barça meme club facebook meme shitpost football la liga soccer twitter futbol Instagram
an image of a soccer team logo with words below it that read, i'm going to kill my self
WE 🆙️ #viscabarça💙❤️
a soccer player in action on the field
Erling Haaland
Manchester City 🔥
a young man sitting on top of a lush green field next to a soccer ball
Messi Campeón del Mundo
a collage of many different pictures with the same person on it, including soccer players
the soccer players are holding up their trophies
1 año ⭐️⭐️⭐️🏆
a soccer player with his mouth wide open
a soccer ball sitting on top of a field next to a person's feet