Yurt living

Experience the charm and comfort of yurt living. Explore top ideas to create a unique and cozy living space in a yurt, from decorating tips to efficient use of space.
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When most people think of yurts what comes to mind are the fabric or canvas options that might feel a little less secure than your average camping tent. While the traditional yurt is made to be broken down, a wooden yurt offers the same spiritual round shape but on a more permanent basis. Traditional yurts

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Yurts are rounded, semi-permanent tent structures that are typically covered in cloth-like exteriors. Traditionally, they were used across Central Asia by nomadic tribes. Today, they can be found all around the world, and are particularly popular with people looking for minimalist dwellings that offer eco-conscious designs. They’re also a top choice for homeowners in search of secondary structures to expand their home’s living space.