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You. Yes You. You're Beautiful!

I don't know about you, but I feel my best when I look my best? There were a few years there when all my kids were very young that I let myself get incredibly lazy about making sure I looked my best. I didn't really feel good about myself, so I didn't put much care into how I looked. Looking back, I think it was just like a giant ball that kept spinning and I couldn't stop it. If I had put a little more effort into how I looked, I probably would have felt much better. Now before you

Lily Forrester
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I just had a great talk with Nicole after doing three client coaching sessions this morning. I wish I would have recorded our conversation. We talked about believing in the gifts we’ve been given and how easy it is to beleive the negativity in our heads… and how VITAL it is to own your good.…

Diane Girard Quillen