Year of the rat

Embrace the Year of the Rat with festive decorations, delicious recipes, and fun activities. Discover top ideas to make this year's celebration unforgettable.
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Those born under the Rat zodiac in 2024 you will find yourself in a position of leadership and influence. With the General star shining upon you, it is time to take charge and step up your game. This year presents a golden opportunity for Rats to showcase their abilities and excel in their field.

Blue Tomi
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Years of the Rat. 1924 - 1936 - 1948 - 1960 - 1972 - 1984 - 1996 - 2008. Rats are both charming and aggressive. They appear calm and well balanced on the surface, but underneath, they are restless and a little nervous. Rats are compatible, hard working, and they know how to hang on to a penny. They are never without admirers. They are very appealing.

James O'Sullivan