Yangnyeom chicken

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Korean fried chicken, usually called Chikin in Korea (that’s actually how I say chicken irl to annoy the other half), refers to a variety of fried chicken dishes — including Huraideu-Chicken (fried chicken), Dakgangjeong (soy garlic fried chicken), and the more recently popular Yangnyeom Chicken (sw

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Super easy to make and absolutely delicious, this Korean Fried Chicken will have you wishing you made more! Double fried to golden crispy perfection and then coated with a sweet, spicy, and sticky gochujang sauce, you’ll be making this regularly!

Jayne Roberts Fuller
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Boy, this is just soooo good...... Wow, this is one of the most sensational tasting fried chicken I've ever had! I could probably finish a whole plate of these! I reckon they taste even better than the ones I've had at the Korean restaurants here in Sydney, thanks to a great recipe by Maangchi.com (which will now be one of my favourite sources for Korean recipes). Apparently, she took three years to perfect the recipe, so no wonder it's so good! If you've never had this before, they are, in…

Jane Morris Coons