Xeriscape plants

Create a stunning and low-maintenance garden with these beautiful xeriscape plants. Discover top ideas to conserve water and enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.
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Isn’t that the goal, to be completely low maintenance and look great while you’re at it? It’s no longer function, style, fashion, or trend. If we want to have beautiful blooming backyards, choosing tough, self-reliant

Kendra Lively
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Whether you live in a dry climate or just want drought-tolerant plants you won't have to water too often, these low-water plants will save money and the planet. Even better: they'll pump up your home's curb appeal, too.

Samantha Scanlan
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Planning a landscape is challenging; there is an incredible amount of ground cover, plants, and irrigation techniques to consider. It can become even more complicated if you live in an area that has a difficult climate. Xeriscaping is a popular choice for areas that see very little natural rainfall, but it can be applied to ... Read moreXeriscaping: A Guide for Beginners

Amy Moroney