Wrist rocket

Experience the thrill of outdoor target shooting with our collection of powerful and accurate wrist rockets. Find the perfect wrist rocket for your next adventure and take your aim to the next level.
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About this item Package Included:1x Slingshot, 4 x Rubber bands, 120 x Steel Ammo balls & 100 x Mud Ammo balls, 1 x Infrared sight flashlight, 1 x Flashlight stand base (can be adjusted for various flashlights), 1 Pack of toolkit (include wrenches, screws, and replacement springs). This slingshot is carefully designed for professional shooting with new materials and a black appearance, the frame of the slingshot is made of stainless steel, the laser beam aiming device is made of aluminum…

Gilbert Garcia
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The MM9 mini concussion rocket launcher, also known as an MM9 wrist rocket, was a wrist rocket launcher that fired various types of wrist rockets. The MM9 mini concussion rocket launcher was a formidable weapon which utilized computer target tracking. It was very popular with bounty hunters, and equally unpopular with law enforcement agencies. It mounted on the wrist, and overhung the back of the hand so as to prevent one from shooting their hand off the rest of their arm. Its payloads…

Ben Smith
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DIY High-powered Slingshot on the Cheap, AKA "The MasherSling": Living in New York state, I have recently and unfortunately found out that slingshots, from the lowly Y-shaped-stick-and-rubber-band redneck shooter all the way up to wrist rockets that can kill a 15 pound animal. So, being an inventive jackass of …

Cecilie Damsgaard
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Slingshot Wrist Rocket.A high-end heavy slingshot.slingshot wrist.Scientific sights design,Does not rust in two decades.Suitable for outdoor slingshot hunting or slingshot competition. KING SLINGSHOT