Wool needle felting

Explore the art of wool needle felting and create unique crafts with this versatile technique. Get inspired with top ideas and start your own felting projects today.
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Needle Felted Mouse Free Tutorial

STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL Do you like craft but want something that comes together in a couple of hours rather than several days? Well then, you are my kind of crafter and I guarantee you're going to love needle-felting! Taking just a handful of wool fibres and stabbing them with a special needle, you too can make gorgeous little sculptures! And who knew that repeatedly stabbing something could be so bloomin' therapeutic? If you would like to have a go for yourself, I am sharing

Marianne Kortlever
Photo shows the corners of three types of needle felting work surfaces stacked on each other and sitting on a dark blue surface.  The top of the stack is a needle felting foam pad, in the middle is a wool mat, and on the bottom is a wool ironing mat. Two felting needles rest on the wool mat.Text says Which Needle Felting Surface is Best for Wool Pictures?, Daniives.com. Needle Felting Diy Tutorials, Wool Pictures, Painting With Wool, Woven Image, Needle Felting Tools, Needle Felting Tutorial, Needle Felting Supplies, Wool Mats, Felt Toys Patterns

Which Needle Felting Surface is Best for Wool Pictures?

You have options when it comes to choosing a needle felting mat or pad, but they don't all work the same way, especially for making wool pictures. If you're going to be needle felting flat images, read my comparison of these three types of felting mats and pads to see which one might work best for you.

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