Woodworking chisels

Discover the must-have woodworking chisels for your next project. From beveled edge to mortise chisels, find the perfect tools to create precise and intricate woodwork.
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The mastery is all in the basics. A chisel is a simply remarkable tool. Basically just a piece of steel with one sharpened end and a handle, it can perform the coarsest work to the most refined. You can use it to rough out shaped parts, fine-tune joints, pare plugs, and chop out mortises, among myriad other things. It’

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CHISEL BASICS Understanding how chisels are constructed and their specific purposes will help you decide which chisel will best suit your woodworking needs. Here are some Chisel Basics. CONSTRUCTION Most Woodworking Chisels are handmade or drop forged and constructed in one of two ways. Most are made with a tang – a me

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