Wooden jigsaw puzzles

Discover a wide selection of wooden jigsaw puzzles that are perfect for relaxation and fun. Choose from various designs and challenge yourself to complete these captivating puzzles.
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Jigsaw puzzles have always been a popular activity for individuals and families. It wasn’t until our worldwide pandemic hit where jigsaw puzzle sales flew through the roof. This sudden demand for puzzles didn’t seem to surprise puzzle historians, as this was a similar trend during the Great Depression. Under quarantine order, families were forced to spend most days inside and build a new daily routine that protected them from the global disease. The global pandemic disrupted our usual…

Nicole Heath
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MIND BENDING JIGSAW CHALLENGE - Challenge your mind while having fun with our Mind-Bending Wood Puzzles. Step into an advanced realm of fitting together interconnected shapes. These geometric jigsaws will stimulate your brain. FIENDISHLY COMPLICATED BUT FUN - This is not a toy. Due to small parts, keep out of the reach of young children. UNIQUE WOOD JIGSAW PUZZLE - The wooden jigsaw puzzles are precision-cut with a soft brown veneer. Each puzzle measures 11.3" x 11.3 and is 1/2" thick. The…