Wood peg dolls

Get inspired with these creative and fun ideas for wood peg dolls. Discover how to transform simple wooden pegs into adorable characters and unique decorations for playtime or crafts.
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This lovely little hand painted dolls are perfect for the imaginative play, doll house family addition or kids room display. Great magical friends for your little one. Great gift for the little girls. They can add a little fun to your home decor. Each 2” doll is hand painted with two coats of non toxic acrylic paint (USA) and finished with coat of water based gloss( USA). All details are painted freehand without pattern so each doll is completely unique. Doll's hair and the crocheted hat are…

Saswati Sadhu
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Tips for Painting Peg Dolls for Beginners By a Beginner - or "The Things I Learned the Hard Way" - Last December I got my first lessons in peg-doll painting from a friend who had been doing it for a while and was generous enough to share with me her supplies and the wisdom that comes from experience. A year later, I still think of many of the tips she gave me when I sit down to paint. And I've painted enough dolls now to have started my own mini store of experience-based wisdom. I'm still a…

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