Wood beam ceilings

Transform your space with these stunning wood beam ceiling ideas. Add a touch of rustic charm to your home with these creative and inspiring designs.
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Affordable is relative. Be weary though, you'll definitely get what you pay for. STOP! What to know before you buy FAUX WOOD BEAMS! Read this first. Ultimate buyer's guide before you make the leap. Look up, don't look back. When looking for decorative ceiling beams, whether to hide existing exposed beams or other structural elements in a ceiling, choosing ceiling box beams for your ceiling is the perfect solution in most cases and a gorgeous addition to any space. When searching Google…

Katie Woods
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Whether you are just updating the flooring of a room or updating the entire room, your floor must be in harmony with the rest of the room. If you have exposed ceiling beams, you may wonder if that means your floor should match your ceiling beams. We have looked into it for you, and we […]

Daphne Syler-Walker
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In many homes around the world, seeing wood ceiling beams is just a part of life. Ceiling beams help keep a house erect and also are the main part of most houses' support grids. If you go to places like Britain, Germany, or Austria, the chances are that you also might notice how people get […]

Katerina Loizou
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Installing DIY Faux Wood Beams in our Master Bedroom was one of the best decor projects we've ever done! I can't tell you what an incredible difference it has made in bringing a new dimension to our bedroom and making our 9' ceilings feel even taller than they are! The following is a quick tutorial

Heidi Knaevelsrud