Womens wide shoes

Find the perfect pair of women's wide shoes that combine style and comfort. Explore a wide range of options for every occasion and step out in confidence.
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I always have a solid rotation about 5 shoes in my closet, and lots more that I don’t wear because they just don’t fit well enough. Recently, I’ve really been making an effort to buy comfortable, durable, and well fitting shoes, that I am also totally obsessed with. So, I wanted to share with out the best places to shop for and actually find wide width shoes!

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Bunions can be unpleasant to look at especially for women and if it is not managed properly they can be extremely painful. This common foot condition can happen to the elderly and younger ones as well, one of the most common causes is uncomfortable and ill-fitting shoes. We’ve listed the best walking shoes for women with bunions including a guide on how to choose the right shoes fitted for you and your needs.