Wolf totem

Explore the mesmerizing world of wolf totem art and symbolism. Discover the deep meaning behind these majestic creatures and find inspiration for your own artistic journey.
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Sacred Geometry Animal Totem Welcome my friend :) I'd love to introduce "Sacred Geometry Animal Totem" completely unique handcrafted tattoo design elements! You can mix the details and get 50+ elements . Always finding new ways to bring sacred geometry into your life and your designs. :) Perfect for any design project you can dream up! All illustrations are vector-based and easy to modify with basic Illustrator knowledge. BONUS! - 3 Vector Watercolor Backgrounds 33 Unique Hand-Illustrated…

Jaclyn Martorelli
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I'm often asked why we decided to call our website 'LonerWolf.' My answer is that the wolf carries one of the most profound meanings in the whole of the animal kingdom. Spirit Animals, for centuries, have been seen as sources of meaning, wisdom, and power. At their origins, Spirit Animals have been symbolic guides of our journeys of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Before psychology, animals were used as a means to learn about ourselves. Wolves, out of all animals, have a particularly…