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cool wolf tattoos © tattoo artist ❖ DIEGO ALMEIDA®️ ✧@diegoalmeidatattoo ❖ ♡🐺♡🐺♡🐺♡🐺♡ #wolftattoo #cooltattoo #InkMaster #besttattoos #wolves #BlackAndGrayTattoo #awesometattoo #tattooinspiration #creativetattoos

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Alexandria Moretti has spent her hole life in and out of foster home in New York City, when she was fourteen she went to a foster home and has been the for two year not by choice; When her foster father die's she finds out she has father, mother, and seven bothers one of which is her twin. Only two people no her secret, she's a street fighter, racer and top paid assassin known as Kali. And knows ten different languages; And five different fighting styles loves cars, guns, art, and family…

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