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Discover the perfect witch wand to enhance your magical abilities and cast enchanting spells. Explore top ideas for creating a mystical and powerful experience.
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Handmade crystal wand necklace pendant.Created and hand formed from real found twigs and tiny crystals encased in copper and given a vintage patina.Truly a unique statement necklace. Each one is completely one of a kind just like the person who wears it..Each contains an natural twig encased in sol

Monica Saad
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Draco x Reader Y/n Amaryllis, a young witch from a pure blood family. Your father is a Gryffindor, your mother is a Ravenclaw, her Grandpa is a Slythern, and her Grandma is a HufflePuff. Your parents are great friends with the Malfoys, which is how you found your only friend, Draco Malfoy. Draco is a tiiiinnnyyyy bit possessive with his only friend. What obstacles will await these two friends as they enter the grounds of Hogwarts. But one of many questions remain; will they stay as friends…

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