Wild kratts birthday party

Make your child's birthday unforgettable with these exciting Wild Kratts party ideas. From decorations to activities, discover everything you need to throw the perfect wild adventure.
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Maddox's Wild Kratts Party

Maddox LOVES the PBS show Wild Kratts. It's his favorite. That cake is the Kratt brothers Tortgu ship from the show. I was tired when I made it and disturbed many, many times in the process. SO it looked kinda crappy, not so great. But Maddox loved it! The Kratt brothers teach about animals. The Cheetah Chow is just Chocolate Cheerios mixed with Honey Nut Cheerios. That's my kind of party favor! Tanner loves this show too! Diane helped me make each kid a Creature Power Suit just like the…

Maria Colon-Mingo