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What do Wiccans believe? There's a set of Wiccan ethics and values that most practitioners follow. In this 6-minute long video, you'll learn about the fundamental code of conduct for Wiccans. We will learn more about the 13 principles of Wicca on Day 2 of this free video course. Once you've watched this video, go...

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Download a printable page featuring insights into the diverse beliefs about the afterlife in various traditions. This article discusses the meaning of the Summerland in Wiccan belief, contrasting it with the concepts of Heaven and Hell, Reincarnation, and the Purgatory. Click the image to download the printable page. Religious Studies, Nature, Book Of Shadows, Spirituality, Spiritual Beliefs, Wiccan Beliefs, Witch Spirituality, Witch Spells, Astral Projection

The concept of an afterlife has captivated human imagination for centuries, offering solace, hope, and a glimpse into what lies beyond our earthly existence. In Wicca, the idea of the afterlife is embodied in the beautiful concept known as The Summerland. Join us as we explore these beliefs and their significance in Wiccan spirituality. What...

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