Why vegan

Explore why veganism is a healthy and sustainable choice. Learn about the environmental impact, health benefits, and delicious vegan recipes to get started on your vegan journey today.
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This article was originally posted by Sophia Aloui on her blog! It’s 2018. Wanna learn? Grab a computer! It’s actually crazy how much information we can learn for free online these days. I legitimately don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t learnt their makeup tips and tricks from Youtube. How about the fact that you can

Dee Lee
10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Vegan | The Friendly Fig

Ready for another round of inspiring vegan celebrities? These are my favorite posts to do. I always find out that more and more influential people are all aboard the compassion train. In some cases, I actually am surprised by who I find. I thought it might be fun to point out some of these guys