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Access to Tools: Publications from the Whole Earth Catalog, 1968–1974 | MoMA

Installation. Apr 18–Dec 10, 2011. In 1968, Stewart Brand founded an alternative information service and distribution system within a single publication, called the Whole Earth Catalog. Influenced by the work of Buckminster Fuller, the catalog developed into an extensive reference tool for designing the environment, living spaces, and new media practices. In sections titled “Understanding Whole Systems,” “Shelter and Land Use,” “Communications,” “Community,” and “Nomadics,” the catalog…

Evelyn Rodriguez
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The Whole Earth Catalog, Stewart Brand, and Times for Re-invention

There have been very few men who have helped shaped modern thinking like Stewart Brand. From coining the phrase "personal computer" to essentially inventing the blogoshpere long before there was such thing as a blog, Brand is the poster boy for the "freethought" '60s.

Craig Fowler