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Explore the fascinating world of WhatsApp emoji symbols and discover their hidden meanings. Decode the messages behind these expressive symbols and enhance your messaging experience.
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WhatsApp and Facebook Emojis Meanings in Urdu learn meanings of emojis we use in daily life on social media platforms with their Urdu meanings and pictures. Most of the people who use social media use these emojis wrongly when thy chat here we have described every emoji meanings in Urdu and how to use these […]

What Every Heart Emoji Really Means Winter, Ombre, Iphone, English, What Each Heart Emoji Means, Red Heart Emoji Meaning, Colour Heart Meaning, Different Emojis, Pink Heart Emoji Meaning

Questions about heart emojis are very common, and this makes a lot of sense. No-one wants to be accused of giving the wrong impression, nor step over some kind of line of emoji familiarity. Does the blue heart mean platonic love and the green heart represents jealousy? Is there a platonic heart in the mix? Can one of the red hearts be considered more 'male-appropriate' than another type of red heart, as asserted by John Mayer? Just discovered a more male-appropriate heart emoji. ♥️. Fro