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"this : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/659918151647180810/ or this : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/597571444306081248/ (ik she said blue but this is rlly cute" #wattpad [generalfiction, comment, wattpad]

When Kimberly's family can't afford to send her to Miami with the rest of her friends, she is forced to spend her spring break at the house of her father's friend, Julian Carter. Kimberly was not happy with the arrangement and prepared herself for a boring spring break. What she didn't expect though, was for Julian to be young, hot, and captivating. The sexual tension between the two came as a bonus. In the course of a few weeks, Julian will enlighten Kimberly and show her exactly what kinds…

Norcheline de Lanoy
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COMPLETE 🙂 Finally finding herself and gaining confidence after having a hard young life, Kimone goes off to find herself in the world only to find herself in the same area as a childhood bully that made her life hell. What will come of the two when they end up in each others lives again. ------ "I can't not have you in my life. I can't have you hating me." I was a stupid ass kid. "I don't hate you." she quickly responds. I look up to meet her eyes finally. She doesn't? That's a start I…

Grasieli Santos