Vivienne Westwood

Discover the visionary designs and rebellious spirit of Vivienne Westwood. Explore the latest collections, iconic fashion moments, and be inspired to embrace your individuality with Vivienne Westwood's unique style.
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About Other sizes and prices on request. PREISS FINE ARTS is one of the world’s leading galleries for fine art photography representing the most famous contemporary artists. Roxanne Lowit’s portfolio is a tribute to the world of glamour and the creative elite. After over three decades of celebrity and backstage photography Roxanne Lowit has become a star in her own right. Her work has left its mark, and her distinctive style has influenced the visual culture of an epoch. Her photographs are…

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As ever synonymous with the notion of Renaissance – a French term, originally evoking rebirth – Vivienne was always one to look to the past for inspiration. 'When you explore the past, you enter the future,’ she once expressed. Her 18th century-inspired corsets were symbolic of this vision and her keen interest in history. Though long regarded as a patriarchal instrument that would deform the female body, the garment would be reimagined by Vivienne – who was among the first to introduce…


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