Vintage classics

Step back in time and explore the charm of vintage classics. Rediscover the elegance and timeless beauty of these iconic treasures that will transport you to another era.
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Ist dieses Wetter nicht eine Gemeinheit? Heute ist der 01. März und für uns könnte jetzt eigentlich der Frühling losgehen – oder was meint ihr? Stattdessen sitzen wir bei Minusgraden in Wien fest und haben den Glauben daran verloren, dass wir irgendwann wieder Wärme spüren werden, ohne das Land dafür verlassen zu müssen. Ok, das …

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Antonietta Brandeis (Miskowitz/Bohmen 1849-1910 Venedig) was one among many artists to make the artistic pilgrimage to Venice. The attraction of the city and its cultural history is conveyed in this painting through the artist's detailed depiction of the intricate Renaissance architecture. The contemporary nature of the subject is made more immediate by the two figures, however, and the bright Italian sunlight which inundates the scene.

Laurie Lafranchise
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You may or may not be aware that I’m coming out with a book in July 2017, an atypical guide book about Paris, the city where I’ve been writing this blog to you for the past seven years. It’s currently in the design stage, specifically, the cover design stage, and I’ve found myself burrowing through Pinterest for inspiration…

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