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Sage is an Agent in VALORANT and one of the first Sentinels available to play since the Closed Beta. Described as a stronghold, Sage is an agent who always looks out for her teammates and offers help whenever she can. She has fully embraced her powers which give her control of life, and wishes to use them to keep her team alive for as long as possible. Calmer and more collected than some of her more energetic allies, Sage always imparts encouraging words to rally the team up and guide them…

Adrián Valenzuela
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Chamber is an Agent in VALORANT and the fourth Sentinel to be released. With a blend of suave nonchalance, professional poise, and smug comedy, Chamber is fully confident with the skill he provides and the value that he offers. He sets high standards for himself and his team, reminding everyone that if they were to secure victories, they might as well go all-out and be the best in what they do. He has shown friendliness with many of the agents in the Protocol, but he is very much aware that…

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Illustration from VALORANT by RIOT GAMES This is a collaboration between Kudos and Riot Games. Thank you team! Riot Games: Art Director: Marlo Flor Associate Art Direction: Kerwin Atienza Concept Lead: Anson Tan Kudos Artists: Sander Li Chengchen Xu Xiang Zhang