Uchuu kei

Dive into the mesmerizing realm of Uchuu Kei fashion and discover unique styles that blend futuristic elements with a touch of cosmic inspiration. Get inspired to create your own out-of-this-world outfits.
Steampunk, Character Design, Cosplay, Musicals, Retro, Starlight, Magical Girl, Costume, Space Outfit

Pearl is the newest of the coaches, the female lead of Starlight Express and best friends with Dinah the Dining Car, Buffy the Buffet Car and Ashley the Smoking Car. She is an observation car, although in some tours and Bochum as of 2018, she is referred to as a "First Class Car". Rusty the Steam Engine is madly in love with her. Pearl is young, naive and innocent, and also very new to the railway. She has a lack of experience which is discovered throughout the events of the evening. She…